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sperm donation

How does it work?

Insemination is a process where a man donates sperm so that a woman can inseminate herself. This can be done privately at home or at a clinic.

Who does it?

Lesbian and heterosexual couples with fertility problems, single women, gay or heterosexual men who do not want an active role in their children’s lives often donate sperm, as well as men who want a limited role as a passive dad.

How do I?

Choose a sperm donor from the page and start chatting and emailing each other through the forum, do not share personal info or email addresses before contacting you for a while and you feel it is right to proceed. Once you have found a donor, meet a public place to talk on, if you decide to move on with a pregnancy, then require the donor to show that he or she has recently reviewed health checkup. Home injection kit you can buy through Donor.se or online.

Contact a lawyer or lawyer if you want to sign an agreement, contact details are listed below.

Advantages and disadvantages

The biggest advantage of sperm donation for single women and lesbian couples that the donor does not want any involvement as a parent.This child will also be genetically linked to you

If you are using a private sperm donor, you do not need to write a name as a father and he has no rights, provided he does not request a DNA test and later goes to court, which usually does not happen until then he will pay maintenance for all missed years. If the mother were to go away, the father could be custody of the child unless the mother wrote a testament giving her responsibility for the child to her parents or siblings or close friend.

If the sperm donor decides he wants to share the child’s life, he has the same right as if they had had intercourse, no matter what was written earlier. This also means that the woman or the couple can request financial support from the sperm donor. Legally, a child who has come through donation has the same rights to inheritance when the donor dies.

It is good to sign a written and witnessed agreement between the persons involved, although it is not legally binding, so it shows at least what the intentions were at the moment.



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