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About us

1000 children have come to the world through Sweden’s own private eggs and sperm bank since 2010

Lack of sperm There is a lack of sperm donors worldwide while an increasing number of women and couples want to become parents. They are desperately searching for sperm donors who often have limited opportunities for acquiring children because of marital status, economics, sexuality or fertility, many men are also looking for some kind of common parenthood.

Donator dating has created a website where people can not only “meet” online but also talk about their expectations within a more secure circle and better support from people of the same background.

An extra security is that you do not have to hand out personal information and if someone acts in violation of our rules, you can report this to us, which means that the person in question is removed from the page forever. Our page can easily be explained as a dating page but with People who seek sperm or egg donors to be able to carry their own insemination peacefully and safely in their own homes.

Personal Contact Here you have the opportunity to meet your donor between four eyes and maybe one day describe how your child or her mother looked like, even though you may decide never to meet again after conception. When using a sperm bank, you can never meet the donor but just create a picture of him through the short written description, which does not really matter. http://www.datingwebsites.se/



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